John Knox: as told by Littles

John Knox was a man known for his fiery preaching and love for the Bible. But there’s so much more to his story! Join us on a journey of gospel boldness in this fun telling about the Scottish reformer in “John Knox: As Told by Littles.” Featuring an original score, digital effects, cinematic lenses, and a story told from a kids’ point of view, this movie is family fun for people of all ages.

Free Bonus! Included on this DVD for your viewing pleasure are all three of our “As Told By Littles” short films about Martin Luther, The Bride of Martin Luther*, and John Calvin*.

Big Bonus! A study guide and devotional for all four of our films is included inside.

Really Big Bonus! A special link to digital downloads and printables to help make your family or homeschool unit study complete!

Knox Estimated run time: 21 minutes

Total Estimated run time on DVD: 106 minutes

* Winner of the National Religious Broadcasters’ Best Short Film award.