Lady Jane Grey on Loving Yourself and the World

A look at the lesson Lady Jane teaches us as she faced death, and how it we can apply it to the media we consume today.

“Deny the world, defy the devil, despise the flesh, and delight yourself only in the Lord.”

-Lady Jane Grey

As we are thinking about what media we allow our kids consume, as well as ourselves, in this world, it is sobering to look at those in the past.  Lady Jane Grey was one who stood boldly for her faith as a young person, even in the face of death.  

Jane’s cousin, Queen Mary (AKA Bloody Mary) was willing to pardon Jane of death if she embraced the Church of Rome.  Queen Mary sent a man to try to convince her of the Catholic faith, but she clung to scripture, knowing that meant death.  

Confessions in the Face of Death

Let’s take a look at her last words before she was put to death:

“I pray you all, good Christian people, to bear me witness that I die a true Christian woman, and that I do look to be saved by no other mean, but only by the mercy of God, in the blood of his only Son Jesus Christ: and I confess, that when I did know the word of God, I neglected the same, loved myself and the world; and therefore this plague and punishment is happily and worthily happened unto me for my sins; and yet I thank God, that of his goodness he hath thus given me a time and respite to repent. And now, good people, while I am alive, I pray you assist me with your prayers.”

Lady Jane confesses that when she knew the Word of God, she neglected it, and “Loved myself and the world,” and even goes on to suggest that is why she was worthy of the punishment.  And yet, she thanked God for the time in prison for “respite to repent.”  

She had a great temptation to deny her faith in order to continue to live her earthly life.  Instead, by God’s grace, she gripped what she knew to be true.  Her eyes were no longer focused on the world, but on her Savior and eternal life. 

Loving Ourselves and the World through Media Consumption

We face many temptations each day.  Now, most of these temptations are not so bold as to ask us to deny our faith, but perhaps to chip away at it.  Instead of full-out “denying our faith,” giving into these temptations cause us to neglect the Word of God, and as Lady Jane put it, to love ourselves and the world.  We become desensitized to language, sex, violence, drugs, pride, and more in our own homes.  We welcome the world and it’s wretchedness in our own living room or wherever there is a screen.  

Do All to the Glory of God— Even with Media Consumption

“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

1 Corinthians 10:31, ESV

Let us pray for time for “respite to repent” and for wisdom in what we welcome into our homes.  Our kids easily soak in what they see, whether it’s wisdom or wretchedness.  Let us use this precious time that our kids are in our homes to let them see, above all else, that whether we eat or drink, or whatever we do, we can do all to the glory of God. Despite the temptations flying at as from all directions, let us seek to glorify God, even with what we bring into our homes through media. Let us despise the flesh and delight only in the Lord— for he is good!

Suggestions on How to Guide Your Kids in “Despising the Flesh and Delighting Only in the Lord”

-Keep reading scripture that can help your kids make those decisions. If they know what the Word of God says, they have the best tool.

-We recently discovered a service called Clear Play. This resource has a wide variety of movies available in which you can filter out all the filth. View that site here.

-You can make your own playlists of music for your kids to listen to— pre-approved by you.

-Use filters. Many apps have filters. Be diligent to use them.

-You can put your computers in the middle of the busiest part of your house. This way the screen can be seen. Allow kids to use tablets only where the screen can be seen.

-Do not allow your kids to be alone with other kids who have a tablet, computer, or smart phone.

-Keep the conversation open. Keep talking to your kids about what is out there in the world. Discuss why you do or do not allow certain things into your home. Back it up with scripture and bring it back to the gospel!

-Use other Christian parents as a resource. Not sure about a certain musician or book series your kids want to listen to or read? Ask a trusted Christian friend, perhaps one with slightly older kids or kids of similar age.

-Encourage your kids to “redeem the time” by setting time limits on screens, and help them be aware of how much time the particular media they want to consume takes up (see our post: )

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