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Podcast Episode #3: Marriage, God’s Way

It’s a month centered Valentine’s Day, so we thought we could use this to discuss biblical marriage.  On this month’s episode, we sit down with our kids who ask us about our marriage and how we met.  We also interview author Douglas Bond who has written over 30 books, mostly based on church history.  He was a joy to speak with and a wealth of knowledge.  We pick his brain about the marriage of Martin and Katharina Luther.  We also have turned part of our The Bride of Martin Luther: As Told By Littles into our Podcast Theater!  

Multiple images of media being consumed with the text “redeem the time for the days are evil.”
Christian Living

Redeeming the Time in a World Full of Media That Steals It.

The days are full of things that steal our time.  They are full of things they steal are attention away from our Savior.  And even as sinners saved by grace, our flesh is bent towards giving into those things.  How are we to sort through this all?